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Our History

Preschool for Creative Beginnings was founded in 1988 at 23 High Street in Sharon, Massachusetts. The idea of creating a nontraditional preschool environment was our goal. A large, open space was found in a central location of the town; we have been there for over 20 years. After an addition was built on the site, we added a second classroom upstairs which houses our Preschool Enrichment Program.


Our Philosophy

We feel strongly that our 3, 4 and 5 year old students have a very wide window for gaining knowledge. With this in mind, we have created a curriculum rich in learning. Each student's personal learning style is considered carefully. We believe that each and every child has particular strengths, and we work hard to foster them. We work alongside parents to promote self-confidence, curiosity and enthusiasm for learning about the world.

It is central to our mission as educators of young learners to ensure that each member of Preschool for Creative Beginnings has full opportunity to thrive in our environment. We believe that equity, inclusion and diversity are key to individual growth. We achieve this through the introduction of our world and its cultures. We encourage conversation, comparisons, questions, and thoughtfulness through play and learning. We view and present differences as strengths. We realize that each of our preschoolers contributes in unique ways. We aim to help create a better understanding of our world through the eyes of our three-, four- and five-year-old learners.


Our Academic Approach

Our curriculum is rich and inviting. Our studies are theme-based. Parents receive a detailed newsletter at the beginning of each month in order to encourage communication between school and families. We make connections through research, language, the arts, science, global skills and the readiness skills of reading, writing and math. Playful and hands-on experiences are the basis of learning for preschoolers. We are experts at creating play situations for all of our studies.


Free Play

The preschoolers are encouraged to use any or all of the centers in our classroom. These include the house center, building/blocks center, painting/drawing center, books/music center, puzzles/games center, dress up center, and nature/science center. 


Class Meeting

We talk about our monthly theme and the vocabulary involved, perform science experiments and introduce selected locations on the globe and wall maps within the classroom.


Outdoor Play



The preschoolers are encouraged to work on a wide variety of art projects throughout each month. They are also introduced to the works of the world's master artists; each child has the opportunity to try art in the style of each great artist, as well as daily projects.


Story and Poetry Reading


Music and Creative Movement

We introduce musicians, composers, and a wide variety of music. Freeze dancing is a beloved activity!



We have daily Spanish lessons. We present numbers, letters and common phrases.

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