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See What People Are Saying About Us​

Check out what some of our current and past families think about our preschool. You can see even more reviews on Facebook!

"This is such a wonderful program for early learners. I looked for a long time and was so excited the moment I stepped foot inside the classroom (pre covid) and spoke with Lisa. The staff are phenomenal educators dedicated to high quality educational programming and age appropriate development and enrichment through play, art, activities, social/emotional growth. The program recently re-opened with covid precautions in place. The measures they take are thoughtful, thorough, and reassuring. I will be so sad when it’s time for my youngest to outgrow the program, but I’ll be forever grateful for all that went into their formation of what it means to be at school while at CB! If you’re in the process of finding the right preschool program, do not miss exploring whether Creative Beginnings is the right option for you."

"One day when your children are feisty teenagers, you will look back at the preschool years as the most important few years that helped shape their character and ignite their soul. That’s where I am, with three children now 17, 14 and nearly 11, all proud and happy alums of Creative Beginnings. To this day, each of my children will still talk about preschool science facts they studied, hum a piece of classical music they listened to, and often identify unique works of art from time to time saying “hey, remember studying Kusama at preschool?” They have all maintained friendships from the special bonds formed at CB and yes, even my 17 year old smiles still driving down High St. In a world of hurried children, I cannot recommend this preschool enough, which allows children to be who they are, for these precious few years. We are so grateful to have had this experience for our family. Thank you Susan Garber and all the CB family!"

"Creative Beginnings for us, is the ideal of what the learning environment should be. We have two kids who went to P.C.B. and we can't recommend them highly enough. Both kids (now 3rd grade and kindergarten) have asked us to go back to P.C.B. and call it their favorite school. There is an amazing community of teachers and families at P.C.B.; the teachers feel like family, they are truly invested in your child's success. The school goes beyond the basics of learning social skills and academic basics and really instills a love of learning and cultivates a joy for exploring the world. If you want a school that supports your child as the special, individual, growing person they are, you can't do better than Creative Beginnings."

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